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Prior to the beginning of the breeding season, a Breeding Soundness Exam should be performed on all stallions intended for transported semen. The exam should include semen concentration, motility, morphology and cultures, in addition to test cool. During the test cool, the semen is diluted with different extenders at different concentrations and the motility is evaluated immediately after collection as well as 12 hours, 24 hours and 48 hours later. According to the test cool, we can determine the best extender and the best concentration, ideal for semen shipments.


The size and consistency of the testicles are also measured and the results recorded for future reference. An EVA test is also performed on all stallions intended for breeding. Stallions with poor semen quality receive special management in order to maximize pregnancy rates. Deep horn insemination performed at Bella Vista Equine allows insemination of mares with stallions that have a low sperm number without a significant decrease on the conception rate.

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