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Frozen Semen

Frozen semen insemination needs to be performed as closely as possible to ovulation since the longevity of frozen/thawed semen is shorter than fresh or chilled semen.  Frozen semen inseminations at Bella Vista Equine are performed within 6 hours from ovulation, and in most cases, within 4 hours from ovulation. Timing insemination as close as possible to ovulation is the key to success for a high pregnancy rate. Bella Vista Equine is proud to offer convenient frozen semen services. Mares are monitored and inseminated 7 days a week. The Deep Horn insemination technique is used in all mares bred with frozen semen.


It is important to understand that not every mare is a good candidate for frozen semen insemination. Some mares bred with frozen semen may have a reaction and develop uterine inflammation and/or uterine fluid. We try to minimize inflammation by breeding our mares post-ovulation with only one insemination dose. The mares are checked 12 to 24 hours post-breeding and treated if signs of inflammation are present. The frozen semen can be shipped well in advance to the beginning of the breeding season and stored at Bella Vista Equine. The clinic offers permanent semen storage.

We encourage our clients to obtain information about the quality of the semen they intend to use for their mares, including post-thaw motility and number of sperm per insemination dose. Knowledge of the stallion pregnancy rates with frozen semen prior to purchase of the frozen semen is very important and it will usually set the expectations for the upcoming breeding. Bella Vista Equine will only accept frozen semen from EVA negative stallions.

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