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Insemination with Fresh Semen

Stallions are collected at Bella Vista Equine or at local farms. The semen is checked immediately for motility and concentration and diluted with an appropriate extender. The extenders contain substances that improve quality and survival time of the semen and increase the chance of conception. For stallions with poor semen quality and some problem mares, daily insemination with fresh semen is applicable.

Insemination with Cooled Semen

The farm manager where the stallion is located is informed that the mare is being monitored at Bella Vista Equine. We require a current negative EVA test from the stallion before the semen can be shipped to Bella Vista Equine. Information regarding collection schedule and semen quality is gathered in advance to optimize synchronization of semen shipment with mare ovulation. If we are informed that the quality of the semen is not adequate for next day delivery than we will make arrangements for same day pick up at the airport. Semen shipments will be ordered when the mare has a mature follicle associated with uterine edema and cervical relaxation. Not every mare will show signs of heat at the time of breeding, and, therefore, ultrasound and palpation expertise is crucial at this time. The size of the follicle at the time of breeding may vary between mares and different horse breeds. For example, Arabian mares tend to ovulate smaller size follicles than Friesian mares. We will make all efforts to order semen via FedEx or UPS for overnight delivery. However, under special circumstances, same day shipments are required. We will be able to provide a courier for semen airport pickup if necessary. When semen arrives at Bella Vista Equine, concentration and motility are immediately estimated. Pregnancy rates are optimized when insemination occurs within 24 hours pre-ovulation or within 6 hours post-ovulation.

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