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Managing Mares
Low Fertility

Mares known as problem mares should be evaluated and treated prior to the breeding season.  The initial exam should include an ultrasound, uterine culture and biopsy, and a complete examination of the external genitalia. Previous breeding history is very important and it should be discussed so we can understand the reason why the mare has become a problem mare.

Mares considered sub-fertile or problem mares will require additional treatment during breeding or immediate post-breeding. Post-breeding inflammation with fluid accumulation is the most common issued associated with problem mares. Some mares can also develop post-breeding endometritis followed by infection.  In some cases, we initiate post-breeding treatment as early as 6 hours following insemination. Uterine lavages and oxytocin are widely used as part of treatment. There have been many recent studies showing the benefits of different agents, products, and strategies to increase the pregnancy rate on mares with reduced fertility.


Treatment protocol will be established on an individual basis to optimize the chances of a viable pregnancy. New infertility treatments and medications can be discussed with Dr. Martinsen in advance.

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